ECT | Mission & Values
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Mission & Values


To help executives expand one’s thoughts and horizon through a process of transformation, leading to increased awareness of oneself, others and our environment.
To enable one to see, hear and feel interactions in our lives from a different and richer perspective.


Symbiosis – A relationship of mutual benefit between unique individuals
Courage – To find new perspectives in times of uncertainty
Choices – To generate alternatives or options
Curiosity – To embrace the unknown
Caring – To develop empathy towards others



In our eyes at ECT, Executive coaching is like polishing a diamond.

We know that most executives are already very successful in achieving their current positions – just like Roger Federer, the 2009 World Champion named by the International Tennis Federation. But, why does he always have a coach? Even now.

Why transformation based?

Because we believe that in shedding the skin of the old and embrace the new, we will emerge ourselves to be better, stronger and more powerful, just like the metamorphosis – from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

In the case of a personal transformation, what occurs is an emergence of infinite possibilities. Unexamined “truths” and limiting points of views fall away and one is left with the capacity to originate new ideas and invent new ways of being and operating. Seeing things in a new light – the “aha” moment.

In the case of companies, they are increasingly recognizing that mastering transformation is becoming a competitive imperative. The environment is more competitive than ever. New global competitors enter the market bringing new innovations while driving down costs.

How to transform?

Throwing money at the problem isn’t sufficient if you don’t have the right ideas, tools, and leadership. Who is behind the right ideas, tools and leadership? We believe it is the people – and it starts with the CEO and downstream to his executive team.

A recent New York Times article concurred stating,

“Companies offer coaching as a prerequisite to proven managers, in the understanding that everyone can benefit from a detached observer.” Much like professional athletes have always had coaches to help identify blind spots, corporate leaders are today engaging their own coaches to evoke, challenge and collaborate.

Transformational coaches, working one-on-one with executives can help to reveal and shift the contexts that determine performance and results, thereby shifting results into a higher gear to outpace the competition and the status quo.

People are often said to be the key assets of any organization. How many companies walk the talk? If people are the highest priority, then what are they doing to support and motivate them to achieve the goals of the companies. It all starts with the CEO and its executive team. Yet individually, what does the company do to help them through leadership issues? Give them more training… it has been well documented that most training does not change behavior or perspective. Executive coaching, on a one-on-one basis, is geared towards changing the behavior and often times the perspective (out-of-box thinking).