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Welcome to Executive Coaching Transformation

“Some men see things as they are, and say why? 

I dream of things that never were, and say, why not?”

– George Bernard Shaw

Why the need for Transformation?

We agree with Einstein – “One cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” and it is utterly insane for someone that does the same way, time and time again, to expect different results.

The options we have :

1. Do nothing

2) Change our actions to produce new results

– Change behavior.

This has everything to do with cause and effect.

What happens if that doesn’t work?

3) Change the way we look at things

– Change beliefs and values

Our results have a great deal to do with our actions or lack of actions.
This is well-known. What’s less clear is that our actions themselves have a
great deal to do with the observer that we are, with how we “see things”.

This is what Exec-Transformation coaching is all about
To produce a new insight or
perspective – an “aha” moment

Testimonials    (…for more click here)

Professionally, I knew Tom as a banker and then a coach. With his strong business background and acute understanding of Corporate-politics, I benefited directly from the on-start of our coaching session and found Tom’s coaching approach highly effective for me, as a CEO. Not only did I find Tom motivating, his professionalism and confidential treatment of our discussions has earned my trust.

In my darkest days, he has helped me expand my horizon when looking at
complex issues. Tom has consistently led me to look from different perspectives
and challenged me on the areas I needed to address. His insight to probing
questions and getting at the heart of the problem has enabled me to be more
effective as a leader, a manager, and a co-worker.

“Indeed, when looking for an executive coach, I highly recommend Tom Chen without reservation.”
(read more)

Shum Mew-Toong – CEO China, DataCraft

I feel very comfortable in discussing any personal or professional issues with
Tom. His extensive business and senior management experience provide a
quick understanding of a broad array of topics and their effects on our
stakeholders and board members.

I have found Tom to be sincere and to have a high degree of integrity.  He has
the ability to see through problems quickly and keeps me focused on the issue
at hand instead of digressing to other matters.  His acute understanding of cultural and organizational nuances from having worked in many foreign countries has been invaluable with my European and US assignments.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and have recommended him to others in my company. 

and board members. (read more)

Jeff Jaffee – VP Consumer and Community Affairs, Saxon Mortgage

(subsidiary of Morgan Stanley)